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Search Resources Group, LLC (SRG) is a family owned business, deeply rooted in the healthcare process with over 25 years of Health Care Recruiting, Hospital Consulting, and even Management of a Hospital and Nursing Home. SRG truly understands the needs of Physicians and Administrators who are looking to make a change.

This unique blend of skills allows SRG to enjoy extensive exposure in the healthcare industry which enhances recruiting success immeasurably. Further, all of the principals in SRG are knowledgeable in recruiting and have been exposed to the functional operations of the healthcare business. This allows our clients and candidates to speak with our professionals and ensure a definitive understanding of their needs. We understand that balancing quality of life and an enriching professional career is key for any candidate to make a change.

The Process

Successful recruiting can be measured in a number of ways. SRG likes to measure its’ success by the length of tenure of candidates placed in a new position. It is therefore very important for SRG to take a consultative approach to recruiting so that we can clearly understand the needs of both client and candidate. SRG has developed an in-depth Qualification Summary which we use with each candidate to clearly define the candidate’s skills, job requirements, family needs and the culture he/she will best fit into. Conversely, SRG will interview the Client in a similar manner, attempting to determine the precise skill or technical knowledge required, combined with the facility culture and the interpersonal skills necessary to become successful in this new environment. SRG professionals are all knowledgeable of what makes a successful marriage and since they all possess extensive knowledge of actually working with physicians on the floor or in clinic settings, they have the ability to ask probing questions which will help define the parameters of this new association in an effort to ensure it works long term. SRG has defined this process so well it guarantees the placement of candidate for a period one year from date of hire.

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