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Why Work with Search Resource Group, LLC?

  • We'll help you understand the national physician supply and demand trends and how they affect your job search.
  • Our recruiters allow you to choose from the widest selection of pre-qualified physician jobs in the nation.
  • With Search Resource Group, LLC, you'll receive continual communications and issue resolution from your physician recruiter during the search process.

We provide physician candidates the consultation and information necessary to make a decision free of unwanted pressure. Please take a moment to contact us to start the process.

Our Physician Services Include:

  • A consultative approach to physician recruitment, offering assistance and advice.
  • Consultation regarding nationwide demand for specific physician specialties.
  • Consultation on current employment incentive packages and compensation structure.
  • Detailed practice opportunity introductions, based on personal, on-site practice profiles.
  • A post-interview meeting to discuss impressions and concerns.
  • Contract negotiation assistance from your physician recruiter.
  • Follow-up to ensure a smooth transition to a new practice.

All fees and expenses are paid for by the recruiting party, never by the physician candidate.

Fill Out Your Important Forms Online

To expedite the placement process and provide the best service to physicians interested in positions filled by Search Resource Group, LLC, fill out your Release and Authorization form and Professional Reference form online.

The Release and Authorization form gives Search Resource Group, LLC permission to conduct background and reference checks, an important part of the placement process. The Professional Reference form gives Search Resource Group, LLC permission to contact the references you list on the form. Access the forms below.
Physician Forms & Resources

When you are submitting your CV please complete the “Physician Release and Authorization” and attach your CV to the email with this form.

Physician Release and Authorization Form

There are two ways to submit these forms to SRG:

  • Complete the form online. Click Submit by Email at the bottom of the form. Attach your CV,and your information will be emailed to:
  • Complete the form and click “Print Form”. Fax the form and your CV to (919) 443-1265

The Professional Reference Form

The Professional Reference form will be needed as we zero in on the perfect placement for you. SRG, as always, keeps all conversations and electronic communication private.

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